About us

Indian Diplomacy Summit, fondly known as IDS, was started by us as we wanted to create a platform for the upcoming youth. After participating in several MUNs throughout our school life, it became a dream to start our very own MUN. We wanted to create an opportunity for the youth, where they could experience a certain status and stature through inclusivity and infinite knowledge. It took us time and effort but with the support of friends and a small team, we successfully organised our first conference in 2018 and then another in 2019. We have tried to build a solid organisation where the youth can express themselves and enforce their political and social rights. Our aim has always been to provide a dais to the youth so that they can contribute and volunteer for various international and national social causes by doing their bit for society. Our philosophy is based on 4 piers- quality excellence, momentous innovation and ideas, contemporary culture and miscellany, and a value-based approach. By strengthening the three pillars of the United Nations - security, development and human rights - we believe that we can build a more peaceful, more prosperous and sustainable world for our succeeding generations. 

Amidst our plans to grow and evolve, we were faced with an unexpected situation in the form of the pandemic. However, the pandemic made us realise that with the havoc that the virus had created, it was absolutely essential that the youth needed to be involved to create a strong influence and bring a wave of optimism amongst all the disruptions in the society. We decided that we needed to diversify our organisation and cater to changes happening around us.

IDS, which started out as a passion and a dream of having our own MUN evolved into something that went deeper. We wanted to do something that would create a space to expand more and concentrate on aspects like education and awareness of the surroundings. We have decided to lend our support to the United Nations by working towards the SDGs introduced by them and we hope to contribute positively to achieving them with all the power and resources we possess.

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